Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up after a month

A couple of things...I'm feeling much better and my health is improving. As most of you know I went home to visit my parents to work on recouperating a little bit and get a new family picture. That is where I've had a hard time giving an update to my blog and here's why. Blogs are supposed to be honest and tell people about how things affect them...that's what I did with the whole cancer trip. During which I learned a lot about my self and shared with you all. So in talking about my trip home which by the way was do I explain about how great it was, without talking about my hurt feelings and the way it affects an entire family as well as myself without causing more pain.

Do I let it go? Yes...but I still have to mention it to get it out and by the time I get through writing it I'm have going to mention everyone who made the time I was there great and that will be a better memory.

So on with the show!!!!!

Mom and Dad met me at the airport in Salt Lake (on Saturday). We started for home and had a great conversation all the way home, stopped for food, (which became a running theme all week lol) finally got home and just chatted and relaxed. I did a lot of resting while I was there. Mom had a special bed delivered from a medical company so I would have a place to sleep since the house was a little crowded. My brother Zac was home with his girlfriend and My brother Damon is living there so those 2 bedrooms were taken and my sister and her 2 kids (Carson and Ashton) had the other bedroom so I got the one room with the big screen TV!!!! Whoo Hooooo! That definately gave me the advantage and I loved it.

Side story!!! While Home I thought I would be the good uncle and take Carson and Ashton along with my sister (their mom) Julie to go see the incredible Hulk movie...Holy Crap Batman!!!! Why didn't anyone tell me not to take two little kids to a movie...I thought it would totally hold their concentration...WRONG!!!!! When we got home my mom and dad looked me straight in the eye and asked how was it? I asked for valium, which had them rolling on the floor with laughter because they new why I wanted it and basically what had happened...the 2 boys then earned the name Crashton...more for that experience than the fact that I could never get their names out right the first time.

The next day was Fathers day and we went to my brother Kimball's house. His family is awesome, especially his wife Leslie who has the most beautiful yard and she works and she takes care of the kids and on top of all that made a Fathers day dinner for my Dad and invited me and mom and others (some who had other commitments) but she had a tremendous amount of food and it was a beautiful day. She is some hostess let me tell you!

Sitting in her beautiful yard that really should be in home and gardens gave me an idea! Since we couldn't get everyone together for a family picture on the same day, family is way to big and getting them together on the same day is nigh impossible. When mom and dad tried to find a place there wasn't even one where they could hold us all.

So anyway I thought what if we used Leslie's beautiful yard as the backdrop and took individual pitures of each of the families then I could composit them together over the backdrop using photoshop! Good idea because the families could all come over and against a easily removed backdrop take their picture so one by one we got them all except one (which is where I got my feelings hurt...but not to be discussed now) Once I get the composit together it will look great! I also got to see most of my family! I got to visit with my brother Eric and his wife Valecia who once again is just a lovely person. My sister Wendy just had a baby (mason) who has had some health problems but she brought him over with her husband who was just a very nice guy and took to taking care of that baby like a real dad!

Most of them made a tremendous effort to work with mom and I to get this done. Then other family members started showing up! My Aunt Dee came down from Logan Ut which is 3 hours a way to spend the afternoon with me and just to visit. She brought her grand son and they, mom and I went out for lunch. Then she drove back to Logan (by herself with the baby) but I thought it really was awsome that she would come down just to visit! Then 2 of my other aunts did the Same, Aunt Sharon came down and we went to a seafood restaraunt with mom and dad and had a great visit and then the next day Aunt Rhonda brought her beautiful teenage daughters down (another 3-4 hour trip) and we went and had sushi together! During this time my Aunt Kaye who lives down the road from my mom came to visit a couple of times. It really blew me away that family would come from so far to visit and short visits to! Too Short! Next time we will try and plan it better and I've also committed to come home once a year for a visit.

OK now back to other members of the family. My sister in-law Katy and my brother Dan had me over for dinner while we took the pictures and I got a real big surprise! My Brother Damon's ex-wife Cindy and children came and visited as well so we all had a great time catching up. I hadn't seen Cindy and the kids for a number of years and I got to get their picture as well so I can add it and it was great to be able to visit and catch up! Cindy hasn't aged a day but those kids sure have grown! They have jobs and drivers licenses and stuff that are all indicators of them reaching adult hood and I'm feeling just a tad old.

Katy's food was great and she was a great hostess even tho she said she wasn't...well phooey to that she was great. The one thing I did miss was not getting to meet her mom Susan. There was a reason why she didn't make it but I don't remember what it was. I kept trying to find time to even remember to at least meet her and failed miserably which I hope she can forgive me for.

I got together with 2 of my high school friends Alira and Joy...once again lunch and food where involved along with the was awesome to see them again it's been far to long.

I didn't get to see my brother Brian since there are some legal issues going on with him (no I will not go into detail about his life...that's his business) My sister Marchell and her new husband along with kids I missed because she was still honeymooning and working two jobs and was 5 hours away!!! But I did get to see here oldest daughter Laura Lee, her fiancee and my great neice for a visit once again totally lovely!!

In between all of this we did some clothes shopping because nothing I had fit for work when I got back on that Monday...Mom and I were always running errands which in a way helped me because I got some exercise in as well as getting all the cleansing herbs and stuff to help me get better and I am. I wish I could have seen the Arizona Side of the family but they are just to far away and I will have to make time later especially since my cousins on that side of the line I haven't seen in a while.
Ok I'm going to make this as easy as possible. I got to talk to my brother Denis but that's it and not the rest of his family. I'm letting it go and I thank him for taking the time that he could. I'm letting the rest of it go
That's it for now