Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WOW more than a month Later?!?!?!

Yep...it sure is! Boy have things happend and all of it good. I've been very busy with work, of course. But I have got a great job and keeps me going with new things and old, all of the time. Then of course there is the stuff I do as the president of the theater company that Clayton and I are involved with and I'm starting to get more massage appointments since my foot healed. Oh yea you may not know about that...I broke my foot about 6 weeks ago and have been in a walking cast. I just got out of it. In fact I'm really behind in reading blogs and for those of you who have them...I promise I will catch up!
Coming up will be the full round of tests next week to make sure that the cancer is gone and I'm sure it is. In November I will be hopefully cleared to drive again 6 months after my seizure. I had one during my treatment and the state of Virginia says you can't drive for 6 months and need to be cleared by a neurologist...my appointment is on voting day.
Now for the really big news. WE'RE BUYING AND BUILDING A HOUSE!!!! That's right! We finally will be moving into our own house. I'm attaching pictures in this entry and others to follow so that you can follow the process with us! We have signed all the papers except for the closing papers which will be in December some time.
We got to pick out all of the flooring, the cabinets, the colors in the house and outside including the kind of front porch we wanted!
So let's start with the floor plan...The top floor...

Bedroom 2 is going to be my office and Bedroom 3 is going to be the guest room for which I'm now taking reservations among my family members. Hint Hint.

The Main Floor.....
we took the optional laundry room/mud room and the fireplace.

The drawn in lines are to show the extension that we go as an extra option.
The Basement...

we didn't get the basement bathroom finished but we did finish the big room.
Now I have pics of the DIG, the foundation and the sunset from out back window. So if you are bored you have now been warned and can feel free to leave...however you will miss the pictures!!!
a different dig pic
Pouring of the footing...the houses that you see we face them...

You see the trees in the background? That will be our constant view...lucky us huh?